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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Of Mice and Myself

I have an irrational fear of mice. This I freely admit. I thought I was doing better after a couple of encounters earlier this summer when I saw a mouse and didn't scream my bloody head off, but alas, I am as pathetic as ever.

WE HAVE MICE IN OUR BATHROOM. We have caught three (did you hear that? THREE!) in the bathroom so far. If you have been to our home, you know that we only have one bathroom and that presents a significant problem for me. Just this morning I had to wake Joy out of a sound sleep to have him to empty the trap so I could use the facilities. He told me not to look and to go anyway. I told him I would go outside first.

What do they possibly want in our bathroom? I am just dumbfounded over this. I understand that we live in the country and mice are just a fact of life, but isn't that usually a winter kitchen problem where there are crumbs and such? The bathroom? I just don't get it.

Oh wise friends and family blog readers, do you have any advice for:

1. How to get rid of these mice (none of that humane stuff either - I want them DEAD).
2. How to get over my irrational fear.

Any and all solutions are greatly appreciated. I anticipate that building an additional bathroom has now moved up on the priority list of home improvement projects. But then would I have mice in both bathrooms? Oh dear.....